5 Advantages of Hiring a Remote Bookkeeper


remote bookkeeper

Virtual bookkeepers might be one of the best investments a business can make. Remote bookkeepers are individuals who are responsible for all of the business’s financial accounts. They are also responsible for the accounts payable and receivables in the company. Remote bookkeepers can work independently as individual contractors or freelancers.

First of all, there is greater flexibility with remote bookkeeping than in-house bookkeepers. This way there is always someone that is familiar with your books. On Indeed, you’ll find openings at accounting or bookkeeping firms as well as in-house positions with companies outside the bookkeeping space.

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If you opt for the salaried professional option, you’re considered a Robert Half employee as you work for the firm’s clients. Robert Half continually finds you work opportunities tailored to help you grow your skills and advance your career. Staffing agencies can be a great way to find remote bookkeeping work with less effort on your part. The https://www.bookstime.com/ agency generally interviews you and gets your resume, then sends you potential opportunities that fit your background and desired position. The firm has offices in Oakland, Los Angeles and New York City, but bookkeeper jobs are remote. Ledger Gurus hires all its bookkeepers remotely and as employees, with some scheduling flexibility permitted.

Long-term contractors will take on additional journal entry tasks, provide client support, and work on process improvement for each client served. Bookkeeping is a tedious task that’s needed in every business. Without it, businesses won’t be able to see where their money is going and how much they’re receiving.

Career Level

Firms like Belay that offer remote work in various fields can also connect you to remote bookkeeping opportunities. Belay, in particular, offers both freelancing and corporate openings for its clients. The company prefers but doesn’t require bachelor’s degrees, but they ask for some past experience. When hiring a new employee, you must set up certain things in an office, such as a desk, computer, and other tools. However, when you hire a remote bookkeeper, the only thing you need to purchase is probably online software and cloud space for files.

remote bookkeeper

If you work with nonprofit clients, you’ll also track grants, programs, donations, restricted funds and perform comprehensive board reporting. Many of the firm’s roles are in-person, but there are remote bookkeeping openings every so often. These remote bookkeeping roles are generally contractor positions. The hours are a bit flexible, but 1-800Accountant requires at least 30 hours a week (with more hours required during tax season).